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Graceful Writing~A Gratitude Journal: In this creative exploration class, we will identify and isolate our daily stressors, and learn about the scientific benefits of living a grateful life and having a peaceful heart. Come learn how to start a habit of journaling your blessings. Participants will choose the format that best suits their preference and writing style. Journals will be available for purchase, or bring your own journal or notebook to class.~~ RSVP required via or 419-932-5096.

Let’s Talk About….Coconut Oil: This new series of informal discussions will examine a new topic each week. Coconut oil has been a hot topic recently in mainstream circles. Come discover what the natural health community has known for centuries! This Ayurvedic remedy has endless benefits for your health and wellness and can be used in many different ways as a food supplement/seasoning, a cosmetic, a hair and skin enhancer, and so much more! Coconut Oil taste test included. ~~ RSVP via or 419-932-5096.

Elements of Nature Session #3: Kids can come create an art board depicting the transition of the four seasons using paint, oil pastels, charcoal, and a variety of traditional craft materials. This is part 3 in a series, but can be taken as a stand-alone class. Class may be held outside, weather permitting. ~~RSVP required via or 419-932-5096.

 Let’s Talk About….EMF’s (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies: This new series of informal discussions will examine a new topic each week. EMF’s are surrounding you right now. Cell phones, computers, video game consoles, electric wiring, and even your alarm clock emit EMF’s constantly. This talk will explain what EMF’s are, why they are dangerous, and what you can do to protect yourself. ~~ RSVP: or 419-932-5096.

Let’s Talk About-Aspartame :  This new series of informal discussions will examine a new topic each week. Aspartame is marketed as a safe alternative to sugar and is being added to more and more products you consume each day. Let’s talk about aspartame, the debilitating side effects it promotes, the damage it is doing to your body, and why you might want to consider avoiding it. We will talk about safer alternatives and even do a ‘taste test’ so you can choose your favorite!~~ RSVP: or 419.932.5096.

Toxic Burden Workshop~  Toxic chemicals, allergens, and poisons are in your home, and you may not even realize it! Learn what they are and why you should detoxify your home and your body. Safe alternatives to cleaning products and common cosmetics will be discussed, along with ‘recipes’ to make some wonderful products at home!~~ RSVP required via or 419.932.5096.

Safe Cleaning Alternatives Mini Workshop~ Join us in this mini-workshop to learn how to make safe alternatives to some common cleaning products. Reduce your household’s toxic burden, and have a safer home! ~~RSVP: or 419.932.5096.

Let’s Talk About-Our Drugged Nation : This new series of informal discussions will examine a new topic each week. Few people realize how rapidly our society is becoming dependent on prescription drugs. Drug companies spend billions of dollars annually to advertise their product to the public. Let’s talk about this national problem. We will look at some unbelievable statistics and examine practices used by Big Pharma to convince us we can’t live without their drugs. ~~ RSVP: or 419.932.5096.

Reiki For Animals: Reiki has many benefits for your companion animals! Bring your pet (on leash or in carrier please) and allow them to enjoy a relaxing session that targets their individual needs. Especially good for convalescing or older pets, or animals that have been injured, are recovering from trauma, or that are anxious, lethargic, or hyperactive. Call for more information and to schedule a private session. ~~ RSVP: or 419.932.5096.