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Thank you for visiting Red Road Reiki. My name is Andrea, and I am a Master Level Usui Reiki Practitioner, Wellness and Detox Advocate and licensed NA.  I offer private services, as well as classes and talks on wellness, healthy and holistic lifestyle and life-choices, women's empowerment, self-awareness, spiritual development and counseling, creative 'art and soul' exploration, relaxation, life improvement, and positive thinking.  I would love to hear from you and schedule a meeting. Please let me answer any questions you may have, and check back often for updates, new classes and special events. I will be participating in many health fairs and events at local shops in and around Sylvania/Toledo, OH, Ann Arbor, MI, and Asheville, NC this season and will post the events as the dates are confirmed. There will also be articles posted below regarding items of interest, healthful practices, links to other useful sites, community service announcements, and perhaps some of my own opinions and ponderings about various subjects. Please click on "Reach Out' above to see the best ways to contact me!!


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Andrea Mondine is a Master Level Usui Reiki Practitioner, Native American Spiritualist, Medical Intuitive, and Nursing Assistant. Andrea has served the community for more than 25 years in health care administration, community outreach, and spiritual counseling, as well as service to people and animals as an independent home care provider. Having been raised to respect and honor Nature and the Earth by her Mother, who was a Natural Healer and Intuitive, she has a lifetime of knowledge and practical healing experience. Believing that all living things are part of a complex network of Universal Energy, she lives by the principal that all life should be treated with respect, peace, compassion and love, and that no one life is more valuable than another. Andrea offers Reiki Services for People and Animals, Relaxation Bodywork, Clay Detox Treatments, and Crystal, Cellular Salts, and Color Therapies. She also provides nutritional deficiency support and healthy lifestyle coaching, and is a distributor of Nature’s Sunshine and Zion Health Products. Current offerings include a variety of creative art, self-awareness, and life improvement classes. Andrea is available for consultation, speaking engagements, or services by appointment, and can be contacted via her website at, email to, or via phone 419.932-5096.